Should women lift weights?

ABSOLUTELY!!! A common mistake among women is to overdo the cardio and avoid the weights in fear of "bulking up" This is ironic because weight training is the best form of exercise that will create that "toned & defined" look that so many women are seeking! The main reason that women won't bulk up is the hormone, testosterone- women produce 1/20th the level of men. Weight training not only creates that desired toned & firm look, the lean … [Read More...]


Progress not Perfection

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Progress not Perfection

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Exercise & Nutrition Facts


Why “not” Splenda?

Every single day I see a new post on social media or someone is attempting to get me to try and/or sell ViSalus shakes, and every single time, I cringe and my … [Read More...]


Choosing the Right Exercise Program

Once we’ve accepted that daily exercise is a necessity for our lives the questions arises, “What is the best exercise program?” The choices are plentiful, and, … [Read More...]


My Cleansing Protocol in Detail

A couple of my clients asked me for a "cleanse" to kick-off the new year and to recover from the excess holiday goodies. The content below  is what I tell them … [Read More...]

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Nichole’s Favorite Recipes


Paleo Sweet Potato Chili

  Yes, you read it right – and it’s the bomb “literally”! When it comes to food I work hard to see it for what it is – fuel for my body. This recipe is great for a post-workout meal, to clear a stuffy head or to simply warm the insides on cold days. It […]


Yummy Deviled Egg Recipe!

Tiss the season for deviled eggs! YUM! Eggs may have a bad reputation for their fat and cholesterol content, but not all of the fats in eggs are “bad.” Eggs provide heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, also known as MUFAs and PUFAs. Because eggs provide both helpful and potentially harmful fats, they can be included […]

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